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The joy of Fish & Chips


Ahh…. Fish, chips and mushy peas! You can’t beat homemade, freshly cooked, piping hot fish and chips, smothered in vinegar with a side of mushy peas. But how did this all fall into place?
Many cities claim ownership over this dish but a few facts are clear. Fried fish was introduced into England in the 16th century by Jewish refugees from Portugal and Spain who sold it in the street from large trays hung round their necks. The chipped potatoes that accompany the fish had previously only been found in the Irish potato shops. Tale tells that it was a Jewish immigrant called Joseph Malin who was the first to combine them in his fish and chip shop in London in 1860. Although the North of England also claims ownership in Lancashire around 1863. We leave it up to you to do the math!
We cannot underestimate the importance of fish and chips, it has been suggested that the good old fish and chips helped win World War I! As stated in John Walton’s “Fish and Chips and the British Working Class” the government made sure that supplies of fish and chips were available throughout the war! And as story has it in World War II ministers tried their best to make sure that fish and chips would never be rationed. Nothing better than some good fish and chips to keep up the morale!
Unfortunately nowadays our good old fish and chips are no longer the best sold take-away dish. Burgers, Pizza, Chinese and Indian dishes outsell fish and chips. At Flaherty’s we aim to change that! Come down to Flaherty’s and have a taste of tradition, try our homemade battered cod with chips, with the ever favourite mushy peas and tartar sauce. Don’t miss out!

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