It's Beer Bucket o'clock! | Flahertys Irish Bar Barcelona

It’s Beer Bucket o’clock!

Tis the season for sharing! At Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we have just what you need to kick back, share a few beers with your mates, and let that holiday spirit kick in. We all know that sharing is caring so pop on down to Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona with your pals and order a Beer Bucket. Whether you have spent a long day at the office and want to relax after work, you have spent all day traveling, or just want to have some Bro time, the Beer Buckets are an excellent way to knock back some beers for a knock out price.
So why not make it a guys/girls night out? Besides sharing Beer Buckets we also have a pool table and darts which are perfect ways to get the party started. Besides that, we have huge projector screens or large TV screens  so your friends and you can cheer on your favorite sports team. We also have a large terrace to sit down and enjoy the fresh air. Your drinks will stay frosty as your night starts heating up. Call up your friends, share a beer bucket, and see where the night takes you! The price is only 12 euros for 5 Estrella Beers!Bargain!

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