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The Currach comes to Barcelona

Now you may be wondering what a Currach is? Well it’s a traditional wooden framed Irish rowing boat. Formerly, the canoe shaped boat was covered in animal skins, but modern boats are covered with tar and canvas. Each rower is equipped with a long thin blade allowing the vessel to be used even in rough waters. Thus, the currach was used throughout Ireland as a means of transport along rivers and costal waterways along the island.
The construction and exact design of the currach proceeds from the western coast of Ireland, although the shape and size varies by region. Their use dates from 100 BC and early Gaelic accounts speak of large ocean going sailing vessels roving the North Atlantic. You can find out more about them here:
Rowing a currach is quite a different experience than rowing any other row boat. A currach is stationary. Rowers start the pull leaning forward and “snap” their upper bodies back, keeping their bodies back and their arms straight until the last possible moment. The oars do not dig deep into the water; they skim just below the surface.
Since 2009, Iomramh has organized the Mediterranean Currach Regatta in the Port of Barcelona. They have achieved more and more participation over the years, attracting both locals and international crews to the event. Thus the hard working organizers provide a unique experience to enjoy Irish tradition and culture in Barcelona, bringing locals and expats together to enjoy the craic and promote an intercultural exchange.
The Currach Regatta takes place on Sunday the 22nd of March at the MIRADOR DEL PORT VELL at 2pm, for more information please see:
Now not only will there be a currach race, the event will provide live Irish music and Irish dance lessons. PLUS there will be face painting and bar service amongst other celebrations.

So from Flaherty’s Irish Bar Barcelona we urge you to go down and have a taste of the Irish culture we so much adore.

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