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Everyone knows the Irish for our friendly nature and disposition. Our values are based on bringing these qualities to different cities where people from any nationality or culture can feel at home, enjoy our delicious homemade food, crème de la crème cocktails, watch all the sports and most importantly, enjoy the craic, alongside top, friendly service. We have taken pride in opening bars in different cities, currently operating in Barcelona, Ibiza & Zaragoza, always creating a welcoming atmosphere for people from near and far.

In order to be able to bring these values to our guests, we employ enthusiastic, talented, friendly and welcoming members of staff. Some spend their summer months with us, others enjoy their gap year while working with us and others have been with us almost since the beginning. They all have one trait in common, and that's a friendly smile.

You could see us as a big family, once you're in, you'll always be a once upon Flaherty's worker with free pass to come and visit and spend countless hours having a good laugh with the once upon a time colleagues.

Precisely because we take such pride in our team, it's so important that you meet these requisites. Have a well groomed appearance, outgoing personality, have a sense of humour, be prepared to work hard and be friendly by nature! At least basic Spanish is an absolute too! Now if you've ticked all these boxes, then please do fill in the form below and let us be bejazzled by your CV to add you to the forever growing Flaherty's team!

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