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- About us -

The first Flaherty's Irish Pub was established some 20 years ago in the shadow of the magnificent gothic cathedral in the centre of the city of Seville, Andalusia, the most verdant city in Spain. A new wave of Irish pubs was being developed throughout Europe and indeed the World, encouraged by Guinness who saw them as a platform to seed the market and promote their extensive range of products on a global scale. Irish pubs have indeed existed overseas for a very long time and the founder of Flaherty's, Clonakilty county Cork born Gerry Enright had pubs in Tenerife, Canary Islands for many years prior to opening Seville.

Flaherty's in Seville plus the hundreds of Irish pubs being developed by daring entrepreneurs in far flung places heralded in a new era for the drinks manufacturers and spawned a very large industry in Ireland for people providing all the constituents for a proper pub. The opening of Irish pubs far away from the emerald isle involved skilled craftsmen, carpenters, painters, sign writers, mirror manufacturers, antique and bric a brac dealers, personnel agencies, transport companies and a whole host of suppliers.

Flaherty's pub was named after Paddy Flaherty who sold whiskey throughout the Cork region many years ago and the legend of the great man may be read in any of the bars, he subsequently had "Paddy" whiskey named in his honour.

Gerry Enright and his family then subsequently went on to establish Flaherty’s brand in Zaragoza, Sotogrande, Barcelona and San Antonio, Ibiza.

At present, you can find a Flaherty's in the centre of Barcelona and in San Antonio, Ibiza; both of which stand out in each city as a friendly meeting point where quality and good service prevails. They also have a sister pub in Barcelona called Shenanigans Irish Pub,which was the first Irish Pub to be opened in Barcelona, previously called The Quiet Man.

Irish pubs have met with great success all over the World and can be found in most unlikely places offering a Cead Mile Failte and a reference point for adventurous travellers.

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